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Legal Services for Businesses

BRC offers a wide spectrum of legal services for businesses: 

  • Legal assistance in coping with public authorities involved in your business, dealing with state inspections, obtaining authorization and licenses and representing your company in court.
  • Legal analysis, adjustment and development of contracts and other necessary documents.
  • Assistance and consultancy to deal with all quality, safety and conformity regulatory requirements (standards and technical regulations) while developing a product or a service.
  • Assistance and consultancy to cope with consumer protection matters and all other requirements regarding proper placing on the market of your product.
  • Assistance and consultancy on issues related to customs and tax authorities.
  • Assistance to start and register a business, merger and acquisition, insolvency and liquidation.
  • Any other necessary research and analytical reports related to business activity.

Also courses and private lectures that would help your personnel to acquire a better legal perspective of their activity. 

The Legal Service's Division of BRC is mainly built on a "think tank" consisting of high class experts who assist the government and its donors to construct a better regulation of business activity from legal and economic perspective.  Beyond experienced business lawyers BRC staff includes consultants who successfully implemented most comprehensive, renowned and effective regulatory reforms in Moldova, such as guillotine 1 (revision of secondary legislation), guillotine 2 (revision of primary legislation) and guillotine 2+ (revision of permits). Additionally, BRC experts are the main designers and implementers of regulatory impact analysis, regulatory one-stop-shops, and targeted licensing/permits, inspections, regulatory reporting and "Doing Business" indicators reforms.

Given the expirience and involvment in reforms, BRC experts are familiar with future changes of the business regulatory framework and thus can help their clients to adjust in time to the new rules. Beyond common legal issues and general corporate matters BRC's legal experts can guide you through more technical and less familiar fields for usual lawyers such as standardization, technical regulations, metrology, industrial security, sanitary regulations etc.